Find the job that suits you

Find the job that suits you

Find the job that suits you

Find the job that suits you

Find the job that suits you


You can find the answers to our frequently asked questions below. Can't find the answer to your question? Please contact your jobcoach or fill out our contactform


I want to call in sick.

To report sickness, being late or absent from work, you should call between 05:00 - 08:00 hours to 0800 - SOS VKVE (0800 - 767 8583). Additionally, after 8:00, please contact your nearest office. More information about the sickness-procedure can be found in Chapter 3 of the "Guide for Temporary Workers."

Can I use the VKVE car privately? What are the costs and how can I arrange it?

In order to use a company car for private purposes, the employee should complete the form declaring that he will use the company car for private purposes and then sign it and bring it to the office. Taxation of private use of a company car is carried out according to a taxrule called "bijteling". More information can be found on the website of the Dutch tax office

I have a contract with VKVE but I am at home without work, who do I report this to?

In this situation, you should immediately contact your office or jobcoach. Detailed information on the work idle procedure can be found in the "Guide for Temporary Workers" in Section 2.2.

I live in Poland and I'm looking for a job in the Netherlands

Contact our Beetsma office in Poland (

I live in the Netherlands and I'm looking for a job

You can find our latest job offers on our website

I want to quit, what is the procedure?

In order to terminate the cooperation with Van Koppen & Van Eijk, you must submit a written resignation or send it by email to your office.

I'm planning on living privately, what is the procedure?

If you decide to move to your own house, you must keep a week's notice period. The termination must be submitted in writing or a link to terminate the rental of the house on the website F.A.S.T.goed

Where can I report facilitary issues?

All problems, damages, shortages or detriment can be reported to your job coach Van Koppen & Van Eijk. The contact details can be found in the "Regulations of accommodation and rules of conduct", which you received when you signed the lease.

How does the Payportal system work?

I want to go for holidays, what should I do?

To obtain a holiday permit, you must sign a holiday application with the client and provide it to your branch.

Where can I find info about the houserules?

All information about the apartment regulations can be found in the "Regulations of accommodation and rules of conduct" F.A.S.T.goed, which you received when you signed the contract.

Where can I get a Work Certificate or a Certificate of earnings?

A certificate of earnings and a Work Certificate are issued within 3 working days from the date of notification. For this purpose, please contact your office.

Where can I find information about the Collective Agreement (CAO) of the workplace in which I am employed?

This information can be found on the job submission (uitzendingbevestiging) that you received when signing the contract or by e-mail in the event of a change of workplace.


Where can I find my pay slip and annual statement?

You can find your pay slip and annual statement at

What are my login details for my flexworker account?

We'll send you instructions and login by email. If you didn't received this email, please contact your nearest office and check if the emailadress is correct. 

On what days can I expect my salary?

Your salary will be paid every 4 weeks on friday. See the payment days below.

  • periode 2      01.03.2019
  • periode 3      29.03.2019
  • periode 4      26.04.2019
  • periode 5      24.05.2019
  • periode 6      21.06.2019
  • periode 7      19.07.2019
  • periode 8      16.08.2019
  • periode 9      13.09.2019
  • periode 10     11.10.2019
  • periode 11     08.11.2019
  • periode 12     06.12.2019
  • periode 13     03.01.2020

Why are the taxes on my holiday-hours so high?

In the Netherlands holiday-hours are subject to higher taxes.

I quit working for you, when will my reservations be paid?

Reservations will be paid 6 weeks after the last worked week.

How is my sick payment calculated?

Depending on the employment contract, the ABU CAO sets out the employee's rights to continue receiving remuneration during incapacity and waiting days. UWV assumes the obligation to continue paying remuneration in the case of ailments caused by pregnancy / childbirth / adoption, disability or organ donation. In the event that the employer will pay compensation for incapacity for work, it will be calculated on the basis of the average number of hours from overworked 13 calendar weeks before the first day of incapacity for work. During the first 52 weeks of inability to work, an employee is entitled to 91% of the actual hourly rate while retaining the right to 100% of the applicable minimum wage. After the first 52 weeks of inability to work, the remuneration will be 80% of the hourly rate while retaining the right to 100% of the applicable minimum wage.
More information about the sickness procedure can be found in Chapter 3 of the Guide for Temporary Workers.

Do I get commuter traffic compensation and how is this calculated?

Depending on the cao in which you work, travel costs are refunded or not. Contact your office for more information.

What does "loonbeslag" on my pay slip mean?

The term "loonbeslag" means the amount of indebtedness imposed by a bailiff for the payment of an employee.

How do pensions work?

For more information regarding pensions visit

I have a pension through STIPP. Where can I get my data?

You can log in with your DigiD on

When do I get my holiday money?

Holiday money (vakantiegeld) is paid once a year, in the first week of June. This rule does not apply to employees who use the accommodation F.A.S.T.goed B.V. More information can be found in section 2.4 of the Guide for Temporary Workers.

The hours on my payslip do not match my worked hours. Where can I report this problem?

The hours worked are paid on the basis of the hour we receive from the client. Any inconsistencies should be reported to the jobcoach or in the office.

Where can I check my balance regarding holiday hours?

The balance of holiday hours is in the final part of the pay slip. Holiday hours are always paid on Fridays in a given billing period.